Decks and Pergolas Construction





Creating distinguishing spaces around your home is a great way to enhance your property’s external appearance and create a space for you to enjoy. Decks and pergolas are a great option as they don’t take much time to build and the results are simply awesome.

With a team of construction experts and licensed carpenters, One Eco provides innovative decking and pergola solutions across Canberra. Our services also include varied home modification or decor solutions.

What Do We Do?

  • Custom crafted decking, pergola, steps, privacy screens and all timber designs to meet your home needs
  • Full in-house and on site construction and installation
  • Quality repairs and maintenance services available

As a local business, we understand the structures best suited for Canberra’s weather conditions. We source the best timber and raw materials for the job and offer you designs that will complement your property.

Whether you are looking for simple stairwell modifications within your home or quaint decking or pergolas for your terrace or garden, our experts can conduct onsite inspections and offer unique design options at the earliest.

The Options

Apart from varied design solutions, One Eco also offers a host of choices when it comes to construction material. To make sure your structure is durable and versatile, our experts use timber, polycarbonate, aluminium or metal for construction.

Our suppliers and manufacturing units are among the best in the industry, so you are assured of quality raw materials and at competitive prices too.

We undertake both in-house construction as well as onsite installations depending on the kind of work that needs to be done. Since exterior construction and extensions need to be compliant with decking Canberra laws, our team will ensure our plans meets local regulations.

And finally, we undertake upkeep and maintenance services as well to ensure complete, end-to-end solutions for your installations.

Why Hire Us?

  • Qualified carpenters and trades men for detailed jobs
  • Large range of interior timbers, and exterior timbers suitable for Canberra’s changing weather
  • Completely made to order
  • Quick installations
  • Skilled craftsmen and licensed experts on the job
  • Eco friendly designs and raw materials
  • Durable and attractive designs and structures
  • Friendly team of support and technical staff

Contact Us

To better understand our deck and pergola construction services, call David on 0413 582 506 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..